Why Do High-Performance Athletes Get Massages?

High-performance athletes

To reach the pinnacle of success, high-performance athletes know they have to push their bodies to their limits.

Breathing and swimmingThey follow strict training regimens that include measured nutrition, stress avoidance, and high-intensity workouts. In fact, these athletes often push themselves beyond their limits, overreaching to increase their strength and endurance.

But overreaching comes at a cost. Athletes who push too far for too long can cause themselves serious injury and lose their hard-earned physical gains.


Work Hard, Rest Hard

So what’s the secret? How do these high-performance athletes manage to balance the pains and the gains? The answer is simple: Rest.

The best athletes know that they can only stress their bodies for a short period before they need to rest and recuperate. And that’s why you see so many star athletes hitting the massage table as a part of their training routines.

Athletic massage

It’s not just high performers who can benefit from including massage in their exercise regimen, though. And resting your body is just one of the ways massage can improve your performance and health.


Here are some of the other benefits a good massage can bring to your workout:


  • Deep breaths. Your breathing is controlled by the movement of the muscles around your ribcage and abdomen. When these muscles are tense, your breathing is constricted. A deep massage can loosen you up and allow you to breathe more deeply. Make the most of your relaxed state after your massage to take some extra deep, controlled breaths to help increase your lung capacity.


Run the race

  • Get your blood flowing. A full body massage stimulates your body’s muscle tissue and dilates your blood vessels. Toxins are removed as blood courses through your body and delivers oxygen, speeding muscle recovery. Then, as you begin to relax, your heart rate will slow. Your body will be ready for some hard-earned rest.


  • Get all tingly. Different types of massage are designed to address different needs. For instance, sometimes you want the relief of a deep tissue massage. Other times, a relaxing Swedish massage is just the thing. A pressure point massage, such as Shiatsu, gets your body’s attention. As your nerves align themselves, messages to your muscles can travel efficiently. Your body is prepared for peak performance.


Mentally and physically tough

  • Mental conditioning. Performing at your best takes more than just physical ability. Athletes have to be mentally tough, too. To train by overreaching without reaching too far, athletes have to avoid stress and sleep well. An hour on the massage table in a calm, serene environment will reduce anyone’s stress levels.


Without the distractions and the responsibilities of the outside world, your massage table becomes an oasis of relaxation. By the end of a session, your stress is gone and your body is rejuvenated.


Peak performanceIt’s Your Choice When It’s Your Massage

If you are preparing for a big race or other athletic event, remember to include regular massage appointments in your training program.

Massages can help to speed your body’s recovery after training and enhance your athletic performance. If you have a sore muscle or other aches and pains after a workout, a firm massage can help you work out the knots.

Whatever your needs, the trained professionals at Barefoot Oasis can help.


Your massage awaits at Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and SpaBefore your massage begins, tell your massage technician what you need. Our professionals are trained in several massage techniques and will combine them to create a relaxing experience that is as unique as you are.


You work hard when you train. When it’s time to relax, let us do the work.

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