Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Massage Techniques: Our Spa Has Them All

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Different Massage Techniques for Different Needs

Barefoot Oasis offers several types of massage techniques to help you relax and de-stress after a busy day. Each type of massage is designed to produce slightly different results by using distinct methods and targeting specific body parts.

For instance, our foot reflexology massage is a great way to relax and add some spring to your step. For a whole body treatment, you might choose deep tissue body massage, Swedish massage or Japanese Shiatsu.

If you are seeking a treatment reimbursable for insurance, a registered Chinese acupressure massage will suit your needs. And finally, if you are short on time, a nice chair massage can help you relax and unwind.


Choosing the Type of Massage That’s Right for You


Not sure where to begin?

Helpful staff at Barefoot Oasis

Before your massage, Barefoot Oasis’s trained staff will be happy to talk to you about your goals. In addition, your Barefoot Oasis massage technician will communicate with you throughout your session to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

If you aren’t certain that a single type of massage is the right fit for you, your masseuse or masseur can combine massage techniques to create a massage that hits all the right points.



Here’s a little primer about the various massage techniques that you can use to choose your personal massage preferences:

Swedish, Deep Tissue and Shiatsu Massage: The Basics

Massages are usually categorized by the methods used and the primary focus of those methods. A superficial muscle massage may be used to relax muscles and stimulate circulation. An acupressure massage seeks to stimulate deep nerve responses within the body. Massage techniques and types vary in their intensity and purpose.

Swedish massage relaxes your muscles and stimulates your circulation.

A Swedish massage is characterized by long stroking motions combined with lighter taps. This massage technique focuses on relieving tension in your outer muscle layers. The long, flowing strokes of a Swedish massage help to improve blood and lymph circulation. Your muscles and circulatory system will benefit from a relaxing, yet stimulating, Swedish massage.

Deep tissue massage gets the knots out.

Deep Tissue Massage TechniqueBarefoot Oasis’s deep tissue body massage focuses on your body’s connective tissue—your deep muscle layers, joints, ligaments, and tendons. This type of massage is often selected to improve your body posture and movement. A deep tissue massage will be more intense than a Swedish massage as your technician focuses on deeper tissues. A deep tissue massage is also a great way to work out those tension knots.


Shiatsu massage seeks out your pressure points.

“Shiatsu” means “finger pressure” in Japanese. During a Shiatsu massage, your massage technician uses a firm touch to stimulate your body’s pressure points. A Shiatsu massage combines stimulation of your body’s pressure points with larger body manipulations of your limbs and joints. Considered more intense than a Swedish massage, the goal of a Shiatsu massage is to improve your body’s physical and energy alignment.


What’s Your Type?

Barefoot Oasis is dedicated to providing a serene oasis here in the heart of Vancouver. We invite you to step inside our doors and feel the tensions of the day slip away. Just choose the massage technique that appeals to you and let our trained staff do the rest. No matter what type of massage you choose, your time at Barefoot Oasis will be relaxing and re-energizing.

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