• Q?Should I cancel if I have a cold or flu?

    A.Yes. It’s very easy for your practitioner to pick up your cold or flu during a massage. Massage can overstress the body when you’re sick and can even spread localized infections from the lymph nodes. Also and especially since we perform prenatal massage here, we appreciate people considering cancelling their appointments when they’re sick.

  • Q?Does Barefoot Oasis have registered massage therapists (RMTs)?

    A.No. Not at the moment, but we may in the future.

  • Q?Is it safe to receive massage while I’m pregnant?

    A.We don’t recommend any types of massage or reflexology during the first trimester (first 12 weeks). After that, only prenatal massage and foot reflexology can be booked.

  • Q?How should foot reflexology feel?

    A.One of the greatest benefits of reflexology is to reduce stress, so it should never be so painful that it causes tension. However, foot reflexology is different from foot massage in that the masseuse applies pressure to specific points on the foot, which can be tender depending the body’s condition. Since each person prefers a different amount of pressure, all Barefoot Oasis masseuses are capable of strong or light pressure reflexology.

    If you prefer a foot massage more similar to a Swedish massage, let your masseuse know. They’ll be happy to accommodate.

    Remember, after a good foot reflexology massage you should feel refreshed and relaxed, not tense.

  • Q?How can I get the most out of my massage?

    A.An important part of any type of massage is to promote relaxation and reduce stress. Even the types of massages that are meant to loosen tight muscles work best when the body is relaxed. To allow your body to relax, you should close your eyes, try to clear your mind, and focus on the massage. Most importantly, turn your cell phone off and arrive early so you don’t feel late.

    If you want to test out this theory, try answering work emails during a foot reflexology massage (I’ve done it). Afterwards, you won’t even feel like you’ve had a massage.

    If you really struggle to loosen up during a body massage, we recommend having a short foot reflexology massage beforehand.

    Cell Phones

    Please turn your cell phone off while visiting Barefoot Oasis.


    There is no dedicated parking for Barefoot Oasis. There are, however several underground parking lots nearby.

    Spa Attire

    For foot reflexology massages, we recommend pants that can be rolled up to the knees. Other than that, please wear whatever is comfortable.

    Late Arrival Policy

    Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your appointment. A late arrival will result in a shortened treatment, without discount, to accommodate other guests fairly.

  • Q?What is reflexology?

    A.Reflexology an alternative medicine massage based on the theory that there are reflex points located in the feet, hands, ears, and head that correspond to the other parts of the body. For example, the toes correspond to the area around the head, whereas the reflex point for the kidney is in the centre of the arch of the foot. Stimulating a reflex point promotes health in the corresponding body part.

    The image below is a simplified map of the body’s reflex points on the feet:

  • Q?How can I book an appointment?

    A.There are two ways to book appointments at Barefoot Oasis. To book online, just click any of the Book Now buttons on our website. To book over the phone, call 604-449-5330.

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