What Makes a Massage with Essential Oils Special?

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Essential oils are pure plant extracts. The extracts are collected in a way that maintains the purity of their ingredients. Thus, essential oils carry the properties of the plant from which they are taken. It is these plant properties that make essential oils special.

Essential oils have long been used for medicine, fragrance, and flavorings. Each type of plant contains a unique combination of chemicals. These botanical chemicals give essential oils their scent and power.

Some extracts are soothing while others are energizing. Essential oils can bring a glow to your skin or lighten your mood. The results depend on the oil you choose.

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Your Essential Oil Experience at Barefoot Oasis

At Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa, we use essential oils to enhance your massage experience.

Essential oils are added to the foot bath you enjoy before your foot reflexology massage. Additionally, your Swedish or deep tissue body massage includes your choice from a set of twelve essential oils.

Each oil has a distinct aroma and characteristics that will help you decide which ones to use.  Because these liquids are highly concentrated, the oils you choose will be blended with a carrier of grapeseed or coconut oil.

Twelve Essential Oils to Soothe and Lift Your Mood


This flower extract has a gentle, sweet smell. It is one of the most popular essential oils. The scent of lavender uplifts and relaxes.

Tea Tree—

Tea tree extract has a clean, fresh scent. It’s antibacterial and antiseptic qualities make it popular for the treatment of skin conditions.

Essential oils rosemaryRosemary—

Rosemary has a rich, earthy aroma that stimulates the senses. This essential oil is commonly used for skin and hair treatments.


The aroma of peppermint is soothing and stimulating at the same time. Notably, peppermint naturally contains menthol. Peppermint essential oil can relieve congestion and soothe your muscles.


This essential oil is another that acts as a decongestant. Eucalyptus has a woody, antiseptic scent. Also, it is a natural antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Eucalyptus can help energize your mind and body.

Sage flowerSage—

Sage, too, uplifts and energizes the senses. Additionally, the camphor in sage essential oil gives it antifungal properties.


Geranium essential oils are extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant. The scent of geranium is similar to that of a rose, with hints of lemon. This essential oil is said to reduce anxiety and relieve insomnia.


The familiar herbal scent of this essential oil carries a zip. Basil extract helps lift your spirits and clear your mind.


As its name implies, cedarwood essential oil has a woody, evergreen scent. Its aroma also has a calming effect.


The flower of flowers, exotic ylang-ylang has a deep floral aroma. Ylang-ylang essential oil is used to promote emotional balance.


Treasured since Biblical times, this extract is taken from the frankincense tree’s resin. Frankincense essential oil is a popular perfume ingredient because of its fruity, sweet smell. The effect of frankincense essential oil is described as grounding and relaxing.


This extract has a very distinctive spicy or earthy aroma. Patchouli essential oil serves as an excellent curative for cracked, dry skin. This scent is also said to have a calming effect.

Massage with Essential Oils

Come Discover Your Favorite Essentials at Barefoot Oasis

Each of the essential oils we’ve listed has many other unique characteristics and properties. If you’d like to learn more about a particular oil, the website Aromaweb.com is a great resource. Also, you can search for the essential oils by name to discover more properties and facts.

If you can’t decide which oil you’d like to use for your massage, just ask your masseur or masseuse for a recommendation. Our staff is familiar with each one and can even help you create your own custom blend.

Visit us soon for your foot reflexology massage or full body massage with essential oils. We look forward to helping your discover which scent is perfect for you.

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