“Do I Want a Deep Tissue Massage?” Here’s How to Decide

One of the first decisions you have to make after booking your massage is what type of massage you want. Each type of massage has different signature characteristics. However, there is a lot of overlap of techniques between the various types. Sometimes this can lead to confusion.  For instance, some people believe that a deep tissue massage is the same as a Swedish massage but with greater pressure applied. In fact, the two types of massage are very different.

Of course, our massage technicians will always speak with you before you massage begins to make sure that you know just what you’re getting. In the meantime, here’s some information to help you decide if a deep tissue massage is right for you.


What is deep tissue massage?

A classic or “Swedish” massage employs several different techniques or strokes to stimulate the outer layers of muscle tissue. Sometimes tapping or shaking motions will be used to loosen muscles as well. But a Swedish massage is not intended to “dig deep” or affect the innermost layer of muscle tissue. This is where a deep tissue massage differs. The purpose of a deep tissue massage is to reach all your muscle layers.


deep tissue massageDuring a deep tissue massage, your massage technician may use several different techniques, including stripping. This firm, gliding stroke is usually performed after lighter methods have been used to loosen and warm up your muscles. Your massage technician will press deep along the length of your muscles.

This stroke should reach your deepest muscle layers and connective tissues. A second technique, friction, is also common in deep tissue massage. Friction is a stroke that applies firm pressure across the grain of your muscle.


Why choose a deep tissue massage?

Using the two techniques described above and other methods, a deep tissue massage will help relax stiff muscles and release adhesions. Deep tissue massage is often used following recovery from an injury to reduce scar tissue.

athlete muscles

Athletes also use deep tissue massage to help them quickly recover from intense workouts.

During a deep tissue massage, your technician will work to loosen rigid muscle tissue, restoring circulation and motility. If you are recovering from an injury, it may take several sessions to treat the recovering muscle.


In addition to reducing pain and increasing motility, deep tissue massage has many other benefits. This massage method is used to improve posture, treat repetitive strain injuries, and relieve sciatica. A deep tissue massage may also help lower your blood pressure and lower your stress levels by releasing serotonin and dopamine.


It’s Your Massage; You’re in Control

When you visit Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa for your massage, your comfort is our priority. Deep tissue massage is sometimes considered tough or painful because the targeted muscle knots themselves can cause pain. However, your massage should never cause injury.

Relaxing massage at Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa

Because each person’s needs differ, it is important to communicate before and during your massage to ensure that you receive the best care possible.


Never hesitate to speak up if you feel uncomfortable. At your request, your massage technician can lighten the pressure or offer you a completely different type of massage.


Our staff is also available to answer any questions you might have before your massage begins. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The best massage is the one that suits you.



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