Vancouver’s Tradition of Combining East and West for Health and Relaxation

Traditional Chinese Garden in Vancouver

Combining East and West for Health and Relaxation

Traditional Eastern or Asian medical treatments are an important resource for British Columbians who seek health care. Asian bodywork therapies (ABT) such as Japanese Shiatsu, tuina, and Chinese acupressure focus your muscles, pressure points, and joints.

Other Eastern health care methods such as acupuncture and herbal medicine are used to treat pain, improve health, or prevent disease.

These treatments are sometimes referred to as “complementary” or “alternative” medicine to distinguish them from Western medical practices.

Eastern and Western Practices Brought Together

Many wonderful therapies and treatments based on ancient Eastern practices are available here in Vancouver.

Vancouver foot reflexology

Foot Reflexology Massage at Barefoot Oasis

A Vancouver-style foot reflexology massage, such as the one offered by Barefoot Oasis, usually combines touches from both the East and West.

Traditional Western reflexology emphasizes triggering specific pressure points. The Eastern tradition relies on a firm touch to stimulate the entire nervous system.
Your Barefoot Oasis foot reflexology massage will start with a warm, scented foot bath and end with your pressure points tingling.

Japanese Shiatsu is a massage style that uses pressure points and joint and muscle movement for a full body effect. This treatment is similar to Chinese acupressure.

Traditional Chinese Acupressure

Barefoot Oasis provides traditional Chinese acupressure treatments with a registered Chinese medical practitioner.

Similar to Chinese acupuncture, Chinese acupressure targets pressure points to bring your body into balance and provide relief. However, instead of using needles to reach these pressure points, your Chinese medical practitioner will use firm touch.

Traditional Chinese AcupressureDuring an acupressure session, you typically remain fully clothed. Your practitioner may use his or her fingers, elbows, palms, or other methods to apply specifically targeted pressure. Often, Chinese acupressure treatment supplements other medical treatments to help you realize full healing.

Are Alternative Treatments Redeemable for Insurance?

Whether a treatment is covered by your health care plan depends on the type of treatment being provided. Additionally, coverage may depend on the status of the provider. Your treatment is more likely to be covered by an extended benefits plan provided by your employer than by your provincial health care plan.

Many employers’ extended benefits policies cover traditional Eastern or alternative medical treatments. The Health Professions Act recognizes traditional Chinese medicine as a designated health profession. But, your provincial health care policy covers Chinese medical treatments only in limited circumstances.

British Columbia health care coverageTo determine whether your acupressure or other treatment will be redeemable for insurance, we recommend that you check with your employer’s health care policy administrator.

You can learn the details of British Columbia’s covered health care services at the British Columbia government website.

Visit Barefoot Oasis for a Relaxing Break

At Barefoot Oasis, our number one goal is always to improve your state of mind and your physical well-being. We’d love for you to stop by and experience our oasis of relaxation right here in downtown Vancouver.  Walk-in, book online, or give us a call today!

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