Transition from Work to Relaxation Using These Simple Steps

Work and Travel Busy

Making the transition from work to relaxation can be difficult.

Author Carly Weeks of Canadian Living Magazine calls that hamster wheel some of us refer to as life the “busy trap.” We hurry from task to task, mentally monitoring an endless to-do list. We are constantly distracted by our activities and obligations. Even when we do take a break for vacationing or sightseeing, we still rush to make sure we don’t miss a thing.

Your Body and Mind Need Time to Relax

Relaxation is important to both your mental and physical health. Taking time to relax allows your body to counteract the negative effects of stress. Without this downtime, your immune system may become weakened.

Other negative effects of overwork and excess stress include depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, heart problems, and diabetes. Giving yourself a little break now and then lets your mind and body recover and refresh.

In the words of psychologist Louise Handfield-Champagne of Montreal,Relaxation is not a frivolous pleasure.

Transition from Work to RelaxationSometimes, though, making the transition from work to relaxation isn’t easy. Once our minds are set in the fast lane, it can be hard to slow down.

Help Yourself Relax by Setting the Stage

One of the best ways to ease the transition from work to relaxation is to signal your brain by setting a calming, soothing environment. Create a space where work doesn’t intrude.

That’s what we’ve done at Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa. Every detail of our facility is designed to melt away your stress and help you relax and unwind so you can stay well.

When you’re at home and need to relax, you can use many of the same methods we employ at our facility. We’ll tell you how.

Here are Five Simple Steps to Transition to Relaxation:


1. Use visual signals to represent a change of pace.

Set for relaxation at Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and SpaAt Barefoot Oasis, we’ve chosen neutral hues, taking our color cues from nature. Because our focus is on winding down, we’ve chosen gentle lighting, too.

2. Quiet things down.

During the workday, most of us are surrounded by a cacophony of sounds. From ringing phones to passing cars, it can be hard to find a quiet moment.

At our facility, we avoid speaking loudly and discourage cell phone use. Instead, we play soft music with a gentle rhythm. In your home or office, you might choose music that is soft and repetitive to help you concentrate on relaxing.

3. Use your sense of smell to remind yourself to relax.

Soothing or pleasant scents can trigger fond memories of happier times, and many essential oils have properties that encourage your body and mind to relax. When you visit Barefoot Oasis you may choose one of these soothing scents for a full body massage. We also use essential oils in our foot baths. At home, you can alleviate your stress by adding essential oil to your bath or lighting a scented candle as part of your relaxation routine.

Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa a Treat for All Your Senses4. Mark the transition with a treat.

Enjoying a small treat is also a great way to get your brain’s attention. When you pause to eat or drink, your body has to stop moving quite so fast. We serve tea with a treat at our foot spa.

Indulging your taste buds by consuming a special treat is a nice way to finish or begin your “me time.”

5. Send a message through your sense of touch.

If you’ve noticed a trend, you are correct! Our steps for relaxation are designed to appeal to all five of your senses. Touch has the power to soothe your body and mind.

Relaxing touch

At Barefoot Oasis, your transition from work to relaxation can include a soothing shoulder rub and foot massage or a full body massage. At home, fill your relaxation zone with soft surfaces and pleasing textures…or find a friend willing to give you an invigorating backrub.


Find the Time to Give Yourself a Break

To further help you create the perfect relaxation space in your home, we found this article filled with great ideas. In the meantime, if you find yourself in downtown Vancouver and need to take a break, please stop in at the Barefoot Oasis Foot Massage and Spa.

Keefer Circle Barefoot OasisWe’re within walking distance of the Stadium-Chinatown Skytrain station,

and we’d love to help you relax and rejuvenate!

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